Thursday, July 2, 2015


... talk about cutting it close...only 3 minutes left in the day to wish our dear sweet friend Darnell a very happy birthday! 

My apologies dear friend for this late post. already know that I'm usually all about 'last minute'!

Hope you had a fabulous day! Will come back in a bit with your birthday poem (as long as my poor old brain will cooperate at this late hour!)

A 'Sweet Pixie' image colored with copics and winked with Stella. The winking is much prettier in real life!

12:58am...poem is done...a tad bit lame...but likely to be expected at this late hour! 

A dear sweet lady has a birthday today
So it's time to celebrate and take time to play

In her cute little playhouse in her amazing backyard
We could all get together and craft up a card

When the crafting is done, we'll relax in the yard
And keep watch for the shouldn't be hard

I'm sure if we asked, we could go for a ride
On Mister's cool bike down the street we would glide

We'll bring tons of snacks and sweet birthday cake
Lots of chatting & visiting, happy memories we'd make

I know we would cherish time spent with our pal
Cuz she's one awesome crafter and a heck of a gal!