Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unscripted Sketches #159

This card actually happened by accident!  My intention was to use the MFT flower die on some Sookwang paper that I had adhered to some plain white card stock. I was planning to use the flowers alone on my card.  Well, a funny happened.... 

The die did not cut right through so I was left with the cut outs on the top sticky side only. I removed the backing paper from one flower at a time and burnished in different shades of Martha Stewart sparkled dust.  Then I removed the remainder of the backing paper and did the Dazzling Diamonds glitter background.  The result in a flower inlay, although it is hard to tell in the photo.

The circles (on the sentiment banner) were punched with a hole punch. Try getting backing paper off a piece this small!!! 

The remaining layers have Sookwang on card stock with only the visible areas dusted.

The result - a blingy 'happy' something card and a craft room full of sparkle dust.  I discovered another thing too - the Swiffer duster works beautifully to get sparkles off the hardwood!

So now pop on over to see what the gals at Unscripted Sketches have prepared for you to feast on.  We would love to see your creations.  Just click to link:

Happy crafting!


  1. Love love love! Love the sugary sparkle, the fact that it looks a bit like an ipod, those mod flowers and the colours you've chosen! Fantastic card! (but does the swiffer work as well on you as the hardwood? People can always tell when I've been making cards 'cause I have glitter all over me! lol!)

  2. I love how a mistake turned into a thing of beauty!

  3. Geri, what a happy accident! I love how your card turned out, so sparkley! I just had to laugh at Ardyth's comment about the swiffer, LOL! I love getting all glittery when making cards, it's a great excuse to look like a fairy with my girls. :-)