Thursday, July 2, 2015


... talk about cutting it close...only 3 minutes left in the day to wish our dear sweet friend Darnell a very happy birthday! 

My apologies dear friend for this late post. already know that I'm usually all about 'last minute'!

Hope you had a fabulous day! Will come back in a bit with your birthday poem (as long as my poor old brain will cooperate at this late hour!)

A 'Sweet Pixie' image colored with copics and winked with Stella. The winking is much prettier in real life!

12:58am...poem is done...a tad bit lame...but likely to be expected at this late hour! 

A dear sweet lady has a birthday today
So it's time to celebrate and take time to play

In her cute little playhouse in her amazing backyard
We could all get together and craft up a card

When the crafting is done, we'll relax in the yard
And keep watch for the shouldn't be hard

I'm sure if we asked, we could go for a ride
On Mister's cool bike down the street we would glide

We'll bring tons of snacks and sweet birthday cake
Lots of chatting & visiting, happy memories we'd make

I know we would cherish time spent with our pal
Cuz she's one awesome crafter and a heck of a gal!



  1. Well one, brilliant poem especially for one in the morning. Love your card too.

  2. Your sweet little birdhouse would fit perfectly in Miss D.'s backyard! This card is just a delight! Love the image and the font on your sentiment is cheery! Now. Your poem doesn't contain one lame word. It made me smile and made me think how lovely it would be to get together and share time and laughter. So, well done you with this tribute to the darlin' birthday girl. Miss you terribly!!!! Bev

  3. Awww, Geri, I think your poem is PERFECT, my little friend! You didn't have to stay up so late on my account! I like having a birthday that goes on and on and on, well through the celebrations on the 4th and into the next week. You were very sweet to do that and it's obvious that you know me and my creative world so well! I wish you could come and see it in person! I love your darling card, too! After hamsters, hummers, and before frogs, I love birds and butterflies and CASlicious cards like this!! MWAH! Miss you! Much love, Darnell

  4. Oh Miss Geri...your card was so worth the wait if you ask me. I love your sweet little birdhouse and those colors are just as fabulous as Miss Darnell is! I know she will love your wonderful card!

  5. Such an adorable 'playhouse', Geri ... so sweet and so perfect for our lovely Darnell! What an amazing poem ... you always blow me away with your gift for words, my friend ... to create this delicious ditty at 1 o'clock in the morning is awesome! Echoing Bev ... lovely smiley thoughts! Hugs & bisous, Anita :)

  6. What a beautiful card for Darnell Jeri! I love that sweet birdhouse and love the way you colored it. Your poem is perfect, even though it was late night when you wrote it! I know Darnell loved it too!! Hugs, Brenda

  7. Love x Love your birdhouse, Geri...and those wee butterflies flitting about only add to the impact! Awesomeness!

  8. Oh, my , Geri is this one STUNNING card, or WHAT????!!!! And you did it at that time of the night!!! That is just the cutest bird stamp I've seen around in a long time!!!! And the colouring ...simply brilliant!!!
    Love, love, LOVE it, my friend!!!! And that is one genius who wrote such a fantastic little poem for our special friend!!!! I always enjoy your sweet poems so much!!! Such a lovely post - as always enjoyed my visit here!!!!
    Enjoy your Saturday!!!

  9. Such a cute card and what an ode to Darnell - one of my favorite crafty ladies out there! And now its time to wish you a Happy Birthday (saw this over at Anita's) - have a blast and party!

  10. Hi Geri. Just popping by from Darnell's place to wish you a happy birthday. Hope it was a good one.

  11. I'm sorry I'm late wishing you a happy birthday Geri, I sure hope it was a fabulous one for you!!! Hugs, Brenda