Saturday, February 25, 2012


A bit of a re-vamp on my card that I made for Unscripted Sketch #147.  The original is 'okay' but just not really my style.  There was something that I just wasn't happy with.....maybe too much black ???  Anyway, I managed to gently remove the embossed panels (see tip below) without tearing the paper!  I also changed the color of the embroidery cotton and re sized the card.  A new clean & simple look that really draws the eye to the pretty little glass bead (that I totally love).

Tip:  One of the girls from our stamp club (Terri) shared this with us and it works!!!  Gently heat the back of the card with your heating gun and quickly pull off the panel that you want removed.  You might have to reheat a bit more as it does cool quickly.  It really does work!  The paper may warp a bit but is fine once it is glued down. Use an adhesive remover if there is any glue that needs to be removed.

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