Monday, September 16, 2013


A Birthday Poem for My Dear Friend Bev

I've shipped a wee treat
for you to enjoy
So stalk Mr. Mailman
Each day he goes by!

I've made this creation
with my new little rig
No room for best wishes
as the picture's too big!

My message to you
will be written inside
with tons of empty white space
it has no place to hide!

Birthday blessings galore
On your special day
So now off to your craft room
For a whole day of play!'s Bev's birthday today so pop on over to Happy Dance and wish her all the best!

Bev is an one A-mazing woman!  She is caring, positive, encouraging, fun, talented and has an endless love for her family and her faith. It is an absolute pleasure visiting her blog to enjoy the beautiful cards she creates and to read her entertaining blog posts! 

Quick card deets - one of my first creations with my new Silhouette Portrait. I cut the file in 5 different colors, then paper pieced it on a white card base.  

PS...Please excuse the poor photo lightbox is hiding somewhere in a room full of furniture as we await the installation of our basement carpet (going on 5 weeks now!!!). IRL, the yellow is a pretty soft shade, not the yucky mustard yellow that appears in the picture.


  1. Your card just draw me in and make me feel so happy... as Bev will be when she sees it!
    Thanks Geri!

  2. Love your cute and very creative poem! Made me smile as did your happy card. Glad you got to play around with paper and your Silhouette Portrait! Just so you know I am having trouble with my blog and can't post along with a few other problems but not being able to make new post is the most frustrating. I have not been able to figure it out yet. I am very tech challenged LOL. Very frustrating. Have a good week!

  3. Well, dear friend, this is the perfect Happy Dances card for Bev ... fun, vibrant and sooo charming ... and accompanied by a perfect and delightful poem too! Soooo good to see one of your wonderful cards again ... I guess you've made it through to the end of the Silhouette guide book! Any more cards on the way? Please? Anita :)

  4. OMG, leave it to you to hit your very first Silhouette creation right out of the park! This is just STUNNING! I love how you've used the different colours and that they're so bright and fun and sunny, just like Bev! She will love this!

  5. Dearest, sweetest Geri. Thank you for the 'funderful' poem, and awesome card. And all the kind words and wishes too. This is one of the best birthdays I've ever had, and the day is young!!! (I will keep an eye out for the mailman too.) This was just so sweet of you and all the other 'party girls'. I'm delighted and humbled... You so rock! Bev

  6. Wow wow wow... this is the sweetest card with the sweetest poem :), I love the bright and fun look of ur card

  7. Sweet, thoughtful, talented, funny, awesome - and a poet to boot?!! You are one cool lady, Miss Geri!! Bev is going to love it! And that card, oh MY!!! OHHHHH MYYYYY!!! The colours, the design, the everything is just AWESOME! Love those magenta flowers along the path and the little white tulips too! What a birthday treasure for Bev!!! Little note coming back to you soon...

  8. This is just too cute...what a sweet way to say Happy Birthday to someone so sweet and kind. Your card is so fun.

  9. Oh what a poet your are; your words made Bev feel a star! Your card is so darling, so cute and so sweet; I love how you created this darling wee street! Your colours - red, white, yellow and green - make for such a happy, bright scene! Okay, okay, done with rhymes! LOVE your poem, your post and your card! Beyond any doubt, you've made Bev feel extra X extra special!! Five weeks waiting on carpet? Yikes, then again once its installed, oh how wonderful it will be! I'm still waiting for tiles in our of these days!!

  10. All this AND she's a poet too?! Awesome card with its picture too big. Love the bright colors divided up by the white this!!!

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