Monday, December 16, 2013


There is a sweet lady who happens to be
0ne of the crafters so special to me!

We've come to know her as loving Aunty C
Who crafts up a storm for the wee ones you see.

An advent calendar, so special and sweet
She will surely delight them with this special treat.

Dear Bev called upon us to all join along
For tropical greetings and perhaps even a song.

To send her warm wishes on this frosty day
That will keep her heart warm at least until May.

When the weather will warm up & flowers will bloom
And Carol will come out of her warm little room.

And welcome the spring with a smile quite big
Until she starts to work on another proof reading gig!

Happy Birthday Carol!

A little tropical themed birthday wish to help warm you up during the cold Alberta winter! The inside of the card reads {Warm Wishes} For a Fun & Happy Birthday! If you would like to wish our dear friend Carol a happy birthday you can find her at  Just Me C!


  1. Now how fun is this?! Love your tropical scenery!

  2. Wow, I want to put my feet in that sand too!!! -----And a wonderful poem too, she will be so delighted and tickled!!!!

  3. Geri that is somewhere I would like to be today! It is -20 here, what about where you are? Carol is going to love this card!

  4. So fun!!! Carol will love this card,i know that!! Beautiful job!!

  5. There once was a lady named Geri,
    Who was sweet as a summer strawberry,
    A fun poem she penned
    For such a sweet friend
    And oh that card, extraordinary!
    Okay, maybe I should leave the poetry to you!!! FAB post, Geri!!

  6. Oh Geri! A perfect poem for our friend! She's sure to love it...almost as much as she'll love your card. I *need* those flip-flops! Such a nice way to get out of the cold and snow. I can see us all on your beach. Sheer delight. Bev

  7. Love this fun scene, but the poetry is truly from the heart! Well done!

  8. Oh my, Geri ... not only a fantastic sunshine bathed tropical paradise, but also one of your fun and fabulous poems to go with it ... clever, clever clever ... I bow to your rhyming prowess, my friend!! Carol is sure to be completely wowed by both! Anita :)

  9. Geri: you are completely, totally, absolutely - and 1000% - AMAZING! Your creativity knows no bounds - poet (I sooooo love your poem - adding it to my 'things to treasure' file!!), writer extraordinaire, chef of incredible cuisine and, of course, artist! Your 'tropical' card is absolutely awesome (just looking at it has me feeling warmer!! Beach, palm trees, calm waters, sun...want to go there. Now!!), and knowing it was made specially for me, well..thrilled, ecstatic, delighted, and so, so, so honoured! Your thoughtfulness, encouragement, support of my cards - and now this gift - are yet more evidence that 'finding you' was one of the best things EVER to happen to me! Because of you, Bev and all the others, my day is sparkling more than words can express (hard to believe, given my propensity to babble!). Have a most excellent Monday; you've played a key part in making my birthday fantastic!! THANK YOU x 100000!! Hugs ~ c

  10. Wow, wow and wow! Your creativity knows no bounds - poet (LOVE this poem, and it's heading directly into my "treasures" file immediately, as is the card); writer extraordinaire, chef of outstanding cuisine and, of course, artist with amazing, incredible talent! Your card, with its "*I want to be there now* beach scene, is fabulous, and knowing you made it specially for me simply amps up how amazing it is, and how awesome you are! Your always encouraging, supportive comments on my cards, now paired with this sweet gift, are yet more evidence that *discovering you* this year was one of the best things ever to happen to me! You are a gem! Thanks to you, and all the other party-goers (I'm sooooo touched by this hop, you have no idea!!), have made my birthday sparkle more than words can express (although it appears I'm trying, as I babble away!!). Feeling mighty special, mighty humbled, mighty thrilled! Happy Monday to you, and may your day be as spectacularly wonderful as you've made mine! Hugs~c

  11. Oh, Geri, applause, applause, applause! What a sensational summery beach card for our sweet, but cold friend! I can just picture her picturing herself laying there soaking up the rays! And the poetry personalized just for her makes you the star of the hop!! Hugs, Darnell

  12. Lovely card!! I LOVE the poem!

  13. Gorgeous card - so bright and happy!

  14. Perfect card for Carol!!!! Awesome poem too! I am sure this card and post brought lots of warmth and smiles to Carol. :) Hugs!!

  15. So super fun! Makes me want to go to the beach right now. :)

  16. LOL! I loooooooooove how you made a beach for Carol-- she needs that since it's snowing up there:) LOOOOOOOOOVE this card! It's perfect for Carol's special day <3

  17. Ok well...this is just awesome!!! I love the CAS scene you've created. So sweet, happy, WARM and obviously made with loves :)