Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hello Carol!

After what seemed like weeks and weeks and weeks of waiting...the day finally arrived!

I got to meet Carol from Just Me C !

With our dear daughter Brady in tow (actually I was the 'in tow' as Brady did the driving) we left Calgary and headed out to Canmore, a beautiful ski resort town in the Rocky Mountains, about 1 hour away from Calgary.  Our itinerary - a cup of coffee, a little bite of a treat and the best meet Carol!

What a thrill!

We arrived at the restaurant a bit early, but minutes later Carol walked in and came right over to our table.  Huge hugs all around...followed by conversation similar to what two longtime friends would engage in!  We talked about biking, and work, and crafts, and shopping, and cooking, and weddings, and travel....

Carol is a absolute gem!!! The first thing I noticed were her eyes! Beautiful 'smiling' brown eyes full of warmth and kindness. She is funny, entertaining and beyond sweet....just like her posts! Honestly, I could have sat there for the entire day! We still had so many topics to cover....but Brady and I had to get back to Calgary for a dinner date with Brady's boyfriend Jeremy!

Here we are in  the restaurant, enjoying some yummy goodies and each other's company! The picture says it all - we were thrilled to have had this opportunity to meet!  The best thing is that Carol lives only one hour away from Brady so I know that there will be more visits in the early as this summer!  Like Carol would say...YAY times a million!

Doesn't Carol look amazing! See what I mean about her 'smiling' eyes! And although Carol likely won't agree with me - I love her hair!  Me...well I've decided that I need a haircut and that a horizontal striped shirt does not work well in a photo!  But you know what? That part doesn't matter. The real life friendship is what it is all about!

My apologies Carol for the tardiness of my post. We have been "computerless" for the past week while our new rig was getting all readied for action!


  1. Oh, how fun! You guys just look like you've had the best time! What a great trip that must have been - family and friends, both!

  2. Fabulous to hear about your real life meeting with Carol, Geri ... sounds as though it was so much fun ... and so brilliant to get together in person ... such a lovely post! Anita :)

  3. What a FABULOUS day it must have been!! Just look at you too - gorgeous, smiling eyes for sure (BOTH of you!), exuding a warmth that is palpable!!! Isn't it amazing how this hobby has brought kindred spirits together and created true, ever-lasting friendships?!! There is still a green undertone to my skin that is just not going away! ;) ha ha!! So glad you had such a lovely time...the first of many!!!

  4. You lucky girls!
    Thanks Geri for sharing!

  5. This is just the best post ever, Geri! I see FOUR smiling eyes looking at me and you've got me smiling back in turn! A person just can't help it, you both light up a room!! I had just gotten over being jealous from reading about your meeting on Carol's awesome post and now I am jealous all over again!! But mostly I'm just thrilled for you and thrilled that you will get to do this often!! Thank you for sharing!! (And I love your stripey top!) Mwah! Darnell

  6. Great to hear you had a good time!!!

  7. I think these are my favorite blog posts to read. It just warms my heart when crafty friends get together to meet and share together. Thank you so much for sharing, Geri and it looks like you had a grand time! HUGS!!!

  8. Isn't it fun when you get to meet a blog friend in person? Looks like you two had a blast!

  9. Oh my goodness - first, I'm late in commenting (apologies - blaming it on travelling!), and second, your post has be blushing a zillion shades of red, with your oh-so-sweet and flattering comments! I'm sill basking in the joy of having met you, and I'm looking forward - in unbridled anticipation - to 'the next time'! "This summer" - well that sounds perfect! The sooner the better, I say! Hugs to you, dear friend!!

  10. Jealous...jealous...jealous! Fabulous photo too!