Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Guess who's celebrating a birthday today?  Yep - it's our dear, dear friend Darnell (the post title totally gave it away, didn't it?)

Our pal Darnell is sweet, funny, talented, creative, smart, artistic, awesome AND she has a wee rodent living in her head!  How cool is that?  I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that visiting her blog is always the highlight of my day! I can't imagine when she finds time to sleep as she visits so many people daily and always leaves sincere, sweet words of encouragement!

I'm not quite sure how I happened upon Darnell's blog but what I do remember is spending the entire evening reading every single post...which had me laughing out loud (the cats thought I was nuts). I also filled up an entire folder of her cards that I wanted to CASE! 

AND...I also happened to notice THE PLAYHOUSE during my visit! 

Wow...a big girl's dream dollhouse full of fun crafting stuff instead of Barbie doll clothes! Who wouldn't want to hang out in this sweet crafting shack?  Although, it would be pretty darn chilly here in Manitoba when the temps plummet to -50C!

Speaking of friends, the wonderful Ardyth of Maskerade, is having a linky party on her blog, so head on over and link up your card for Darnell!  And, another sweet friend Bev from Happy Dance has put together a party that would make Martha Stewart swoon with envy!

At this point in my post (now that you've spotted the card) you'll be thinking "why is Geri making Darnell a 'Happy New Home' card?  Silly's a Playhouse birthday card! Modified a bit, but still a playhouse! 

I even snapped the photograph outside - just like the real Playhouse! 

My Playhouse

Here is the little ditty inside the card:

Once upon a time
in a land quite far from here

A lady who loved crafting
Had no place to lay her gear

Her Mister is a kind soul
Who knows how to hammer and saw

So he crafted up a wee spot
that had Darnell in awe

The Playhouse as we know it
is a fun place to be

But it's the person that crafts inside it
that's so special to you & me!



  1. Sigh... I wish I had a playhouse like that!
    Love your card & your poem for our friend Geri!
    Sweet little details just make this an awesome shaped card!

  2. What a great idea to make a mini playhouse card, fabulously photographed in situ, and a wonderful ditty - you're so clever, Geri!

  3. Awwww....!!!!! What an AWESOME Playhouse card!! So perfect for our bud! I don't know how you put those poems together, either. So personal, so sweet and wonderfully geared to the recipient. This one for Darnell had me smiling, then a bit teary-eyed. You rock and she's going to LOVE this. big hugs. Bev

  4. Ah! what a perfect way to celebrate Darnell's birthday, the playhouse card is awesome and the poem... its so beautifully written. I wish I had that talent, words make all the difference :)

  5. Aww...this is sooo CUTE! Love it!

  6. Your playhouse jumped right out of the gallery, Geri. What a great card and a great post. Love your poem and methinks Ms. D. will too ;)

  7. Perfect card, Geri! You are so stinkin' clever. Darnell is going to flip when she sees this. xo

  8. Wow I am sniffing! what a completely fabulous card and post! WOW!!


    p.s. Did I say WOW yet?

  9. Oh wow, Geri ... how perfect ... knew straight away that it was The Playhouse ... what a brilliant idea, so beautifully executed and with awesome attention to detail ... even to the extent of getting it in situ for the photo shoot! Your poem is just amazing ... I loved reading it the first time, so went back and did it again ... and again ... and it's just as amazing third time round! Darnell's whelms are going to be completely over'd! Hugs, Anita :)

  10. Love your playhouse card, its just perfect! Great idea! Your little Ditty is going to make Darnell very happy its too sweet!

  11. You've replicated Darnell's Playhouse perfectly - and how thoughtful and heart-warming that you have! I can't think of a more Darnell-themed card than this! Awesomely awesome! I'm feeling like a complete cad these days, in being so remiss with notes and comments. Hectic-ity happening here! I didn't even remember it was D's birthday until I saw Ardyth's and Bev's posts! Gahhh...until I get me act sorted out, please just know: I think of, and send you virtual hugs, daily!! The flood devastation: just makes me feel so sick and so sorry for those affected!! It's not an experience I ever want to repeat; it's not an experience I want anyone to have to endure! Prayers and thoughts heading your way - please pass them along to anyone and everyone who needs them! Hope your sump pump continues to do its job masterfully!!! Huge hugs to you, my dear friend!! Much to catch up on...

  12. How fun! Great replica of the Playhouse and awesome poem!

  13. Geri...what a fabulous card and your version of Darnell's playhouse is absolutely amazing! What a sweet poem too, I am sure Darnell is just speechless seeing what you created. I love it.

  14. Geri ...what a sweet card you have made for Darnell!!!!...and such a darling poem you wrote for her!! This is such a special post, Darnell is going to love it!!!
    Have a lovely day!!!

  15. Sniff. Sniff. Hold on a sec, I can't really see the screen. Snfffuielwdsh. There. I've been sat here for several minutes trying to collect myself and stop sniveling. Hammy's had to run into the Bighouse for another box of tissues.

    Geepers, Geri, I truly am gobsmacked by what you've done here! I know you and your Cameo spent a lot of time and effort to make me a Playhouse card this gorgeous! I'm loving everything about it, down to the very last gem-centered posie! I can't wait to get this. It deserves a place on my WalArt wall!

    And as if that weren't enough, you wrote me one of your special, personal, thoughtful, and genius poems!! It's perfect in every way! YOU are perfect in every way. I only wish you had more time in your busy life to create more card art and post more often. I can't wait for that day to come for you!!

    Thank you so much for joining in the surprise linky party and making me feel like Queen of the Universe!! Mwah! Mwah!! Darnell

  16. A playhouse card! I love it Geri what a perfect design for Ms. Darnell!!

  17. Your card is really cute and I really love the poem that you put inside the card!

  18. Wow this is just gorgeous what a fab card for Darnell!!!!

    Vic x

  19. I am SO late to this party ... but couldn't pass up commenting on how fabulous this card and poem is! It couldn't be more appropriate and deserving! What a talent you have; thanks for sharing it.