Sunday, October 26, 2014


Our very kind, very sweet, and very, VERY talented friend Shirley is celebrating her birthday today! I'm thrilled to be a part of what will likely be one of the biggest b-day celebrations blog land has seen!  

Shirley is known far & wide for her amazing cards which often feature her paint splatting/splooching/smooshing techniques as well as 'hand doodled' images & lines that would leave Picasso drooling with envy!

But wait - it doesn't stop there! Shirley is also designing stamps! You can find her stamp sets here.

A "Shirley card" wouldn't be a "Shirley card" without a doodle or two! I've gotta say that I was stepping waaaaaay outside of my 'straight line' kind of world with the 'doodling'.....and found it fun and rather liberating! Thanks Shirley!

Our sweet, talented friend Maria is hosting the party, so head on over to join the birthday festivities!

Celebrating Shirley's birthday card making event with a few pals was double fun!

Do you think a few of us may have had a taste or two of the wine in honor of the birthday girl?  Maaaaaaybe......

A big thank you to Darnell for providing me with a picture of my card and to Anita & Bev who rescued my camera from the kitchen counter, whilst I drove home oblivious to the fact that I had forgotten said camera!


  1. Your doodles are perfect Geri! Great card for Shirley!
    ... great to see you all together

  2. Thrilled? I am, that you wonderful ladies spent (crafty) time together. Jealous? Totally. In love? Yes, with your glass of sparkly. Doubtful? That one bottle was enough for all of you! Sorry to hear about your camera. But thanks for coming to Shirley's party, Geri.

  3. Geri, this card is so perfect for Shirley!!! Love your doodles!

    As for the picture-AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to hear more about your visit and I am jealous as a cat!!! I know you had a grand time and it makes my heart sing. xo

  4. Hmmmm....wonder where I've seen this beauty before??!!! lol!! Totally love this card. Really really love this. Will get your camera out soon; want to do it from the UPS store where they'll make sure it's safe for shipping. GREAT card, even greater time had by all!! xoxo Bev

  5. So glad I'm not the only one who left stuff behind! lol! Love the sparkling (ha,ha!) wine! and the doodles!

  6. Oh, I love your doodling, Geri - it looks great!!! Your card is so beautiful!! Love that sparkly wine in the glass and the bubbles are such fun!! The sentiment is perfect and placed just in the right spot!!! A CAS beauty, Geri!!!
    Have a lovely day!!!

  7. Geri, this is fabulous! Love the sparkly pink champagne (got a bottle of it chillin' for weekend). Love the doodled border (there's no "wrong" with doodling, that's why I love it!). So jealous of your get-together, and can't wait to hear all about it. Thank you so much for making my birthday celebrations special.

  8. So WONDERFUL to have you back, sharing an absolutely fabulous sparkly, doodly card (of course Shirley loves it, as do I) and 'teasing' us with stories of time spent with my favourite crafting gals ever! I'm green with envy, but thrilled that you had such an excellent time. The drive - 14 hours - ouch! Excited to find out details!

  9. As perfect now as it was then, Geri ... sparkly perfection actually! Hmmm ... BABES withdrawal anyone? Oh yes, so ready to laugh, chat, laugh, laugh, craft and laugh with all you girls all over again! Hugs to you, sweet friend! Anita :)