Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Our dear friend Anita
 who lives far away,
Had a birthday sneak by us
One month ago today!

Bev called us together,
she plotted and planned,
on how to surprise her
without showing our hand!

The plans were discussed
Now what shall we do?
To make things all better
And have some fun too!

Let's have a party
Darnell shouted out!
One month later?
 A surprise...no doubt!

So put on your party hat
no matter the date,
... hey, we're only one month late!


I hope that your 'real birthday' was fun as fun can be and that you took time out just for yourself...as in no "maison" work.  Cyber hugs to you...for now!

The party is over at Darnell's blog so, skip on over and join in the linky fun! Many thanks to Darnell and Bev, party planners extraordinaire!

Card deets:  PTI - All About You (likely one of their original stamp sets!); Memento Teal Zeal ink


  1. Your poetry is just as fabulous as your cards friend!
    Every time I visit I just get to realise again why I love CAS designs so much. Beautiful design Geri. LOVE those flowers in a row so perfectly stamped.
    Big hug

  2. Wonderful poem and love the card - I would never have thought to make a floral stamp like that monochrome but it looks sooo good!

  3. Love this sweet monochromatic card, Geri! And your ditty is so clever!

  4. You are a true poet, Geri!!! What a lovely poem you wrote!! And apart from being a poet you are a very talented cardmaker as well - your card is absolutely beautiful; Love it!!!

  5. I LOVE your poems, Geri!!! You are just awesome in every way!!! The card...um, wow...again!!!!! Crisp, pretty, perfection!!! Anita is going to love it!! So sweet of you to do this for her!!!

  6. Oh my dear friend,
    You've done it again,
    That's all that I've got,
    So this is The End!
    I'm afraid that's it for me and poetry...unlike you!! Your poem is as brilliant as your card. Simple, to the point, and so beautiful!! Anita is sure to love both of your creations. Such a fun day, too. Don't you just love parties??!!! Love your card. I have that flower set, and have never once thought to use it like you've shown here. Amazing and gorgeous. Have a great day, my friend. xo Bev

  7. Great card and fabulous poem! Anita will be thrilled!

  8. Oh my, your poem has me giggling in pure delight! You and my dad: the two of you create poems that are absolutely perfect for every occasion imaginable! Love it! Your card: pure Geri-flair and style that is 10000% guaranteed to bring a mega-watt smile to Anita's face, as it has to mine! Isn't it fun to join in these 'parties'?? Hope you're having an excellent Tuesday! Hugs~c

  9. LOL!! Oh, well done, Geri, my friend and blog poet!!! For some reason, I always forget this talent of yours, but it's cool because then I'm surprised and delighted when you do it! Your card is breathtaking and so perfect for Anita and your poem is extraordinary!! Thank you for joining the surprise party!! Hugs, Darnell

  10. Geri, your card is so fresh and sweet!

  11. Stunning card and fabulous poem, Geri! I'm sure Anita will be thrilled by your thoughtfulness!

  12. Beautiful card, Geri and an even more beautiful poem! Awesome!

  13. I'm smiling all over my face, Geri! You are such a sweetie to write a poem specially for my surprise belated birthday bash ... and not just any poem, but a completely amazing one ... your stunning way with words, again! Your card is a total beauty ... you know I'm utterly loving it ... crisp, fresh, delicious ... sigh! Thank you soooo much, dear friend, for your fab poem, for your wonderful card and for making my day so special! Hugs, Anita :)

  14. Wow, so you are not only a fabulous card maker but also a gifted poet! Both your card and your poem are wonderful!

  15. What a pretty CAS card! I am so loving those flowers. The color you stamped in is just beautiful. I also love that "happy birthday" font. Just a beautiful card. Hugs

  16. I'm back again, I forgot to tell you that your poem was amazing!! Hugs

  17. You are just multitalented...what a sweet poem and equally sweet card! I love it in just the blue, simply stunning and I am sure Anita will love it.